Mt. Adams

Located east of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio and Interstate 71, and north of the Ohio River, Mt. Adams has been located for over 200 years atop a large hill that offers panoramic vistas to the west and south. The neighborhood was developed over the wineries owned by Nicholas Longworth, and land that was caused a “waste” by some.1 2 Longworth later donated portions of his land to the Cincinnati Astronomical Society for an observatory, which was dedicated by President John Quincy Adams in 1843.2 The City council later named Mt. Adams in honor of the sitting president. In 1892, Maria Longworth Stroer moved her pottery factory to Mt. Adams and created unique pieces that was internationally proclaimed, and the factory eventually became known as Rookwood Pottery.

Mt. Adams today is home to 1,300 residents, with many of the residences constructed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and boasts a growing collection of boutique shops, art galleries, entertainment venues and fine dining establishments. It is also adjacent to Eden Park, which is home to the Cincinnati Art Museum, Playhouse in the Park and the infamous Krohn Conservatory, which grows 5,000 exotic species.

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